Your value is time. Our value is helping you save it.


We believe that your time is more valuable than anything. If someone offered you $10M today if you agreed that you wouldn’t wake up tomorrow you wouldn’t take the offer. Why? Because you inherently value our time each day more than anything.

Movingly’s delivery service was created to help you be in control of you valuable time. Some buy from the auction to save money or for the sheer rush it creates. However, most are trying to generate another stream of income in hopes to achieve financial freedom so they can be in complete control of their time.

1. You Book

2. We Pick Up

3. We Drop Off

Our Process

1. Pick a Delivery Type

  • Whether you’re an experienced auction re-seller or a one-time buyer we have cost-effective options for everyone.

2. We Pick-Up

  • We load your pallet(s) on our truck. Any loose boxes or items are tagged with your LOT #(s).
  • Items are counted and pictures are taken to make it easier for you to verify that you receive the entirety of your order when it arrives.
  • We load your order on our trucks with extreme caution and care. Straps and blankets are used to ensure that your pallet is safe and secure.

3. We Drop-Off

  • We text you when we are 15-30 minutes away.
  • You receive your items to enjoy for yourself or to get ready for resale.

4. You Save Time

Our delivery service allows you to take advantage of the amazing deals that the auction provides without needing to commit hours of your time to pick them up yourself.

If you’re a regular auction buyer how many hours per year would this put back in your pocket? Imagine all of the possible ways that you could use this time.

Have Questions? Give Us A Call.

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Don't Get Up. We Got it.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Timely Turnaround On Delivery & Communication

We are now offering same and next-day delivery options so you get your delivery quickly.

Low Prices, High Quality

We strive to keep our prices as low as possible but never at the expense of quality.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee ALL of its products and services. However, if you’re ever dissatisfied with our service we would like to hear about it so we can improve and settle with you fairly.


Great company! The employees are very professional and the customer service is awesome.


Movingly was a lifesaver! They had the proper equipment to haul my large fragile furniture safely. I will definitely use them again!


LOCAL delivery is finally here. Get rid of the hassle and pain of picking up your pallets. Rates are very affordable and you save your time….and your back!

We are very excited about teaming up with Movingly to offer a delivery option to our bidders!

Erkelens & Olsen

Movingly Delivery

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